ACL Injury

What Is An ACL Injury, And Who Treats It?

ACL injury or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most common sports-related injuries. Athletes that play high-demand exertion games like basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, football, and throwball – are more likely to face an ACL injury. However, this specific injury is not limited to sportsmen only, but children and adults also suffer from it usually. This injury can take place because of an unbalanced long jump, sudden fall or accidental blow to the knee. ACL is also one of the four main ligaments within your knee, and hurting it may only require a surgery as the best cure. The other three major ligaments of your knee are:

  • MCL or TCL
  • LCL, and
  • PCL

However, our today’s topic of discussion is solely related to an ACL injury and what you need to do if this is something you or someone around you is facing. An ACL injury falls under the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon and consultant.

What Are The Symptoms Of An ACL Injury?

ACL Injury

This injury is solely related to the partial or complete tearing, along with the stretching of the anterior cruciate ligaments. The usual symptoms involve a popping sound as soon as the injury takes place, or pain in your knee. The area around the injury will start to swell within a few hours.  And, if the injury is severe, the other ligaments, bones, tissue or muscles will also be affected.  The person facing an ACL injury may fall, trip or completely abstain from walking itself. In case of a sudden impact, the person may feel a lot of pain. Thus, people around an ACL injured have to be quite careful and need to support the person to get immediate medical assistance.

Who Treats An ACL Injury?

ACL Injury

As soon as you see or go through an ACL injury, seek an immediate medical diagnosis. This will ensure that the injury doesn’t impact the whole knee or other parts of the ligaments. The orthopedic will suggest an MRI scan to get a clear picture of the damaged anterior cruciate ligament. This MRI scanning will clear how far the damage has gone, and what are the next steps to ensure the patient can get well soon. During the scanning, a loose joint, reduced motion of your knee or any kind of swelling around the other parts will be discussed and checked. If the injury is minor, the orthopedic surgeon will suggest certain therapies to cure the damage. However, if this is something that needs to be reconstructed – than a surgery is the best recommendation.

What Types Of Treatments Are Needed?

ACL Injury

An ACL injury has two different types of cure, and fall under two different grades according to experts. These recommendations are solely made by an expert orthopedic surgeon or physician. As quoted above, if the ACL injury is minor then non-surgical recommendations such as below are suggested:

  • Bracing
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy

The ortho doctor does ensure that the patient is fully recovered with a careful medical examination. This allows the affected region of the anterior cruciate ligament to heal without any secondary damage or injury. However, if there is a second injury on the same ligament or the initial damage is huge – the surgical option is the only hope to get the ligament back in shape. Let us see what surgery can do, and how it can help an injured.

What Is The Surgical Treatment Of An ACL Injury?

ACL Injury

Surgery is the second option if therapies, braces, and rehabilitation fail. The ACL tears are fully repaired during this procedure. There are certain procedures depending on the severeness of the damage. An expert orthopedic is going to suggest autograft or allograft for treating an ACL injury. This reconstruction of ACL tear is observed with critical monitoring. And further, the autografting of the tendons or quadriceps may be required. Whereas, the allograft is usually taken from a cadaver or patellar tendon.

It can also use a  posterior tibialis tendon,  an Achilles tendon, gracilis or semitendinosus tendon. With youngsters or underage kids, the ACL injury is tried to be treated without any surgical option. As the risk is quite high to damage the growth plate. And, thus the deformation of the bones may be possible. Thus, therapies are recommended along with avoiding physical exertion. Because, if the damage is done twice – the surgery is going to be imminent.

What About Pain Management Solution?

ACL Injury

Orthopedic surgeons always suggest PMS – pain management solution in both the procedures. Whether it is surgical or nonsurgical – the patient is trained to do pain management without taking extra painkillers. No doubt, an ACL tear is quite painful, and despite being anesthetized the patient will still feel the pain in the knee or the surrounding area. The main reason for natural pain management treatment is to avoid getting the body addicted to narcotics.

Heavy dosage is allowed only for a few days, and later the physician’s start doing therapies to get you fit. The usual mobility is obviously affected, and you as a patient may require a wheelchair or crutches. But, if the medicines and therapies are followed religiously – the usual timeframe is three to six months to get back to normal walking phase. However, this time frame is solely depending on the severeness of the injury along with the procedure to cure to it.

Is Rehabilitation An Option?

ACL Injury

According to a recent survey conducted by WHO, 200,000 people suffer an ACL injury every year within the U.S. And, third world countries have even a bigger track record of an ACL damage. If you do not get a proper medical facility in a timely manner – then you may have to suffer from osteoarthritis. Men and women equally suffer from a complete tear injury and need to opt for every available option to cure it.  As discussed above, ortho physicians always select a nonsurgical option, if the damage is minor. Rehabilitation falls under the nonsurgical treatment and needs to be carefully monitored and practiced.

Patients have to be careful to avoid a second-degree tear or injury. If you have to opt for a rehab under a surgical procedure, then your wound is going to stay open and dry for the first fourteen days. This assistance allows you to regain complete mobility and to straighten-up your knee. This procedure also restores the control of the quadriceps. Pakistan comes with a huge lack of necessary medical equipment and experts. Despite all such odds, you can reach Prof M A Wajid to discuss any ACL related tear or injury. He is an expert ortho physician and is able to guide with an expert advise.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Why Do You Need To Consult An Orthopedic Surgeon?

An Orthopedic Surgeon is your first choice if it is something related to your bones. Your bones not only hold your body weight but also ensure free mobility and day-to-day activities. If something is wrong, or you feel stiff or sore bones – immediately consult with an expert orthopedic surgeon. Your body is composed of many parts, like muscles, cells, tissues, joints, and bones.

All of these parts play an active role in stabilizing your physical balance and a healthy living. Further, all medical specialists can’t deal or cure every injury or disease that your body may face or feel. For example, a dentist is able to look after only your teeth, similarly, a neurosurgeon can only take care of your neurons and nothing else. Thus, an orthopedic surgeon is here to take care of your bones and allow your body to manage physical activities and mobility easily. Let us read more about how an orthopedic surgeon can help you, and why you should experience him once in your life.

Why Is An Orthopedic Surgeon Necessary?

Orthopedic Surgeon

Let us take this experience very informally. What would you do if your car is giving you issues? Consult a mechanic – right? Further, every part of your car needs an expert mechanic. Like the AC will be handled by a mechanic who can fill up the AC gas, and do its service. Further, the denting-painting falls under an expert denter or painter – correct? Similarly, your bones need oiling and fueling, and can only be treated by an expert orthopedic surgeon. Pakistani folks come with a lot of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Vitamin A and D are lacking in most of the kids and youngsters. And, special treatment is needed to ensure the deformation of bones can be controlled at a very young age. Our people don’t receive proper medical facility to stay healthy, and thus we have one huge number of physically disabled count. This is exactly why we need to create awareness and specialists who can help to pull this number down. With bone-related injuries, concerns or deficiencies – only a qualified orthopedic surgeon is able to guide you to health.

What Does An Orthopedic Surgeon Do?

Orthopedic Surgeon

Every orthopedic specialists and surgeon specializes in various bones of your body. Some can help you through physiotherapies, while some can help to restore your bones or generate artificial aid to get you back on your feet. Not every surgeon can perform a surgery, and get your posture upright. An orthopedic surgeon can help you with:

  • Knee-related problems
  • Foot and elbow joints
  • Sports injuries
  • Hip replacement
  • Musculoskeletal trauma
  • Spine diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Bone infections
  • Tumors related to bones
  • Congenital disorders

When Should You Consult An Orthopedic Specialist?

Orthopedic Surgeon

A free of cost tip is to always consult an orthopedic specialist twice in a year. This consultation will help you stay fit and healthy. There is no age limit applicable for consultation. Most of the time, older women who have crossed the age limit of 50 should consult an orthopedic surgeon to stay away from arthritis, osteoporosis, osteitis deformans, osteopenia, and osteomalacia. These are some of the commonly known bone diseases and are not limited to ladies only.

Men can also suffer from them, and as a result, may lose the free will to walk or use a body part. Thus, it is better that we start having general medical assessment twice a year to keep our bones in check. Just like any other muscle in your body, your bones also have various lymphatic vessels, cells, blood, and nerves. And, if anyone of this is having an issue and is not treated immediately – can cause a huge trouble, not only for you but also for your family.

Bones – Know Your Skeletal System Thoroughly

Orthopedic Surgeon

Your skeletal system consists of 206 bones and each one of them plays an important part in saving different areas around them. Like your lungs are enclosed within your ribcage. These 12 bones in your rib cage not only protect your lungs but also help to make your posture straight from the front. Similarly, your skull is made up of 22 bones that take care of your cerebrum, medulla oblongata and cerebellum.

A head injury can cause a severe reaction to any of these important parts of your brain, and you can lose not only sight but also face amnesia or worse paralysis. In such a critical trauma, only an orthopedic surgeon can guide a neurosurgeon and physiotherapist about the condition of your bones or the severity of the impact. Thus, it is highly recommended to keep a track of the best orthopedic surgeon in your city, so you can get immediate medical assistance in case of an emergency.

How Can An Orthopedic Surgeon Help Your Bones?

Orthopedic Surgeon

Being an educated human being, it is necessary that you do know each and every bone in your body and the role it plays to keep you fit. But, not all of us are a big fan of biology and not every one of us is going to be a doctor. Every person chooses a different career and studies the subjects related to that specific expertise. An accountant is not going to come over and enlighten you why you should drink milk for healthy bones. Similarly, a teacher can only tell you about the list of the healthy foods that can keep your bones strong.

Thus, it becomes crucial to consult an orthopedic surgeon and doctor to keep your bones intact. Old age is very difficult for our parents and grandparents. They need continuous support if they go through any of the bone-related medical condition. Particularly our mothers. Because of childbirth and pregnancy-related complications – they have to face a lot of mineral and vitamin loss. Further, once they go through menopause, their hormones are also imbalanced. Here an orthopedic surgeon can help them to restore mobility and avoid any type of joint or knee pain.

Consultation With An Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

When it comes to consultation with an expert orthopedic surgeon, remember that you’re in safe hands. In Pakistan, you’re lucky to have Prof M.A Wajid as one internationally recognized expert orthopedic surgeon. He is able to expertly guide you for Orthopedics and Trauma consultations, and further, diagnose you about the severity of the injury or disease. You can consult him for any bone-related problems, injuries or diseases. Further, he specializes in arthroscopic surgery of hips, knees, ankles, and shoulder joints. His competence can help you treat any type of sports injury, pelvic, hips or acetabulum fractures. At last, now you can relax and let an expert orthopedic surgeon take care of your bones. It is because of him, you can do whatever you want and stay healthy and fit. Cheers to a happy and healthy YOU!

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

How To Look For The Best Surgeons For Sports Injuries?

Sports fall under some of the most heavily discussed topics in every nation. Physical activities through competitions or tournaments always remain as the most sought-after pursuits. People connect with their players not only emotionally but also treat them as mentors and legends. Thus, their physical well-being is also a topic that viewers love to read or study. Almost every country has a panel of sports-related medics, physicians, and surgeons for sports injuries and medication. You’ll be able to find a sports medicine doctor, orthopedic surgeon or general care physician specifically related to sports.  All of these experts prescribe medicines, therapies or treatments to cure:

  • Professional athletes
  • Amateur players
  • Undertraining sportsmen

In today’s blog, you’ll read about some of the very common sports-related injuries, and also how the surgeons for sports injuries handle their treatment.

Why Do We Need Surgeons For Sports Injuries?

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

When it comes to consultation for sports-related injuries, it is better if you seek assistance from some of the best sports experts or surgeons around you. The majority of the doctors are able to only prescribe a selected amount of medicines that may or may not work effectively on the sports injury.

Whereas, on the other hand, expert surgeons for sports injuries will actually guide you through the whole procedure, which also results in a speedy recovery. They don’t just recommend a few medicines but also cater to full-term recovery without distressing the injured area. Further, in case of a joint replacement or surgery – they can competently cater the whole process to ensure the player doesn’t get a lifelong incapability or disability. Not all of the surgeries will make immediate progress and get back to the fit state immediately. Some of these injuries need time and continuous therapies to ensure the player is back in form.

The Job Of The Surgeon Isn’t Easy

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

Doctors and surgeons for sports injuries are trained in aiding issues that are linked with a lot of things. These important factors can concern the health and sports activity of the athletes. Most of these injuries need immediate medical assistance to avoid inflammation or disability. Sometimes, the negligence can cause severe outcomes, failing of performance or the player may fail to perform ever again.  Major areas of concern that every orthopedic, doctor or surgeons for sports injuries focus on are:

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

We understand that medicine itself is a field that comes with a lot of responsibility and care. But, sports is one such branch that requires crucial care and focuses to ensure that your player is in good physical shape. The typical job responsibilities of surgeons for sports injuries include:

  1. Analyzing and doctoring muscular injuries
  2. Planning therapy and rehabilitation methods
  3. Mentoring patients
  4. Medicine prescription
  5. Conducting surgeries
  6. Planning a complete diet chart and food intake

Are There Any Common Sports Injuries That We Need To Know?

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

If you like to indulge in physical games and also enjoy exerting the body mass – then yes, you need to have knowledge of some of the most common sports injuries. Most of these injuries are acute, and can only be treated by surgeons for sports injuries, and the list consists of: 

  • Shin splints
  • Swollen muscles
  • Knee irritation
  • Ankle sprains and strains
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Numbness
  • Fractures
  • Groin pull
  • Hamstring strain
  • Shin splints
  • ACL or MCL tear
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Epicondylitis
  • Hip injury
  • Dislocation of joints or kneecaps

An athlete will face some or all of these injuries at one point or another during their career. And, almost all of these fall under the surveillance of surgeons for sports injuries. They’ll be able to handle, cure and treat these problems expertly.

Can Players Avoid Injuries?

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

Sports comes with a plus point, as well as a negative point too. It is one such career that not only showers fame but may also get you injured or physically unfit because of huge physical exertion. If you are an athlete, then we are sure that you have had faced swellings, sprains, ligament or joint pains, fractures, and splints. There is no way to avoid injuries, despite doing candid exercises or drills.

However, if you stay in close contact of surgeons for sports injuries and follow their guidelines – you are bound to stay fit and healthy more than before. The consultation doesn’t have to take place when there is an emergency or a huge need. Even if you still go to sports surgeons or medics for regular sessions or therapies – it can help you a lot during your game. A lot of countries hire fitness coaches to maintain a healthy workout regimen, which is a very good planning. However, certain players and athletes may need specially trained medical therapies to ensure they do not overdo a certain exercise – and get hurt at the end. This closely monitored workout session not only allows the player to focus on improving their game pattern but also not to harm their bones, ligaments, muscles or tissues unnecessarily.

Whom To Consult For Sports Injuries In Pakistan?

Surgeons For Sports Injuries

Pakistan comes with a rich history of world-class players and sportsmen. The nation always goes gaga as soon as their favorite player makes an appearance. No matter it is on the sports field or on a TV commercial – the nation goes crazy to see their favorite cricketers, tennis trouper or hockey players. And, if there is a news circulating of them being unfit or injured – the general public reaction is priceless. Most of the time, if the ligament, muscle or tendon is torn-away, you will need surgery to join or replace them. And, thus the best sports consultants come to rescue to treat such inflammations, injuries or soreness.

Prof M.A Wajid is one such a gem and is an extremely gifted surgeon when it comes to Orthopedics and Trauma consultations. He is renowned as one of the leading orthopedic consultants of the country. He says that “Being one of the top surgeons for sports injuries, at the national and international level, it is my sole responsibility to ensure that the players are well aware of how to treat their body when it comes to physical exertion.” Dr. Wajid further shares, “Sports-related injuries can be healed, but yes patients do take time to fully recover. With persistence and calculated movements, anything is possible.” Thus, if you need any sports-related injuries handled, Dr. Wajid can be your ultimate source for treatment and information.

Report from Dr Jehanzeb Mughal, August 10th 2010.

22 Feb 2018 Health Care, Lifestyle

“I have just returned after 5 days of being in the flooded region of rural Sindh. I was engaged in trying to help my fellow citizens evacuate what would be the worst affected areas. Shifting families and their possessions with bare hands and loading them onto cattle carts, and anything able to bear the load (including our shoulders). The next critical issues to address are diarrhea, skin diseases, malaria, typhoid, poisonous bites, lack of clean drinking water, food, shelter etc. Millions of victims across three quarters of the country!

The United Nations has described this calamity as bigger than 2004 Tsunami, and for those of us who have the experience,we can confirm this is bigger in magnitude and scale than the earthquake of 2005.

Sadly I find myself questioning that is there any point of rescuing all these people, when they will soon be faced with a much bigger threat and humanitarian disaster…

…We are out there in groups, working with our bare hands, no protective gear whatsoever and literally in deep unsafe waters! Unsure of even our own survival.

We are desperate and need your help. We can buy a tent for one family for $50. We can feed 10 people for 2 weeks for $50. We can buy them a month’s supply of clean drinking water for $50, and the list goes on and on.”

All photos are courtesy of Dr Mughal’s Health Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

Account details for direct donations published in this article

22 Feb 2018 Health Care, Lifestyle

Following on from the original report by Dr Jehanzeb Mughal in the immediate aftermath of the worst floods in South Asia for 80 years (see below), all members of the AO Pakistan have come together to form a committee to ensure the most effective use of the appeal funds gathered from the AO community worldwide.

These eleven committee members are listed below:

Prof Ghulam Mehboob (National Faculty, AOTrauma)
Dr Zaki Idrees, Karachi (National faculty, AOTrauma)
Dr Khalid Aslam, Islamabad (National faculty, AOTrauma)
Brig Sohail Hafeez, Rawalpindi (National faculty, AOTrauma)
Prof Amir Aziz, Lahore. (National representative, AOSpine)
Prof Rafiq Sabir, Bahawalpur (National faculty, AOTrauma)
Pro Ghulam Haider Kaiserani, Multan (National faculty, AOTrauma)
Porf M Saleem, Rawalpindi (National faculty, AOTrauma)
Dr Jehnazeb Mughal, Karachi (National representative, AOCMF)
Mr Mansoor Jokhio (Synthes representative, Pakistan)
Prof M A Wajid (AO Foundation Trustee, Pakistan)

These people have direct knowledge of local areas and/or know people providing relief in their affected areas. They have established a separate account operated by the members of the committee in which all donations from AO community can be sent.

In order to make a donation to the AO Pakistan Appeal please make a bank transfer using the following details:

Beneficiary name: Muhammad Abdul Wajid
Bank Address: Habib Metropolitan Bank, 85 D-1, Main Boulevard, Gulberg-III, Lahore, Pakistan
Swift Code (BIC): MPBLPKKA025
Account Number: 20311-162407

Please ensure that you indicate who has made the donation.

The committee members are very grateful for all donations made. For further information please contact Dr M A Wajid, Trustee AO Foundation at [email protected]