Prof Dr M A Wajid

FRCS, FRCS(Tr & Orth)

Providing the best care possible to our patients, at our clinic in National Hospital and Medical center DHA Lahore.

About Prof Dr M A Wajid

Prof M A Wajid is a consultant orthopedic surgeon working at National Hospital, DHA, Lahore. He was trained in UK and undertook specialist training in Germany and Belgium.

He is the chairman of AOTrauma Middle East Board, member of AOTrauma International Board Switzerland and founding chairman of AOTrauma Pakistan.

Due to his untiring efforts, AO Foundation Switzerland (one of the largest non-profit Trauma organization in the world) has approved AOTrauma Pakistan country chapter. Due to this, since 2003, all AOTrauma courses are regularly conducted in Pakistan under his chairmanship.

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Knee Problems

Knee sprain, strain, cartilage tears, arthritis,


An injury like a fracture, diseases such as arthritis,

Prof Dr M A Wajid
FRCS, FRCS(Tr & Orth)
Orthopedic Surgeon

Specialized in

Shoulder Surgery

Whether it’s a shoulder dislocation, labral tear, sports injury, fracture, disease like arthritis, rotator cuff tear, or frozen shoulder situation all the issues are cured competently. Shoulder joint replacement surgery is conducted to retrieve crucial damages.

Knee Surgery

Knee arthroscopic surgery and replacement surgery are expertly conducted through modern means to correct concerns such as ACL injuries, meniscal tears, severe fractures, dislocation, injury to soft tissues, and arthritic knee.

Hip Surgery

Hip joint concerns are aptly treated to manage incurable pain and improve joint motion through hip arthroplasty which is either total hip replacement, partial replacement, or hip resurfacing.

Sports Injuries

Injuries that occur while sports include sprain, strain, knee injuries, muscle pull or inflammation, fractures, joint dislocation, and tendon ruptures are cured through the finest treatment plans.

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