Types of arthritis and its cure provided by a best orthopedic

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Types of arthritis and its cure provided by a best orthopedic surgeon

Apart from injuries due to external hits, internal wear and tear adhered to joint diseases like arthritis are also probable. It is important to know facts and figures stand by the life-limiting disease, arthritis. According to reports about 7 million people in the United States are a victim of this bone and joint degenerating ailment. Whereas in Pakistan 14 million people have been diagnosed with some sort of arthritis. An Orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan is proficient to treat arthritis through the application of modern procedures.

Elaborating term arthritis

Arthritis entails an abrasive effect on body joints leading a person to immobility under extreme conditions. Splitting the word arthritis into two we can see it comes from the Greek language where “Artho” means joints and “Itis” means inflammation. So it’s a joint inflammation that induces pain, instability, stiffness, weakness, and even bone deformity. Although there are numerous types of arthritis, commonly encountered arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Symptoms it brings about

Pain and swelling develop making the joint stiff which gradually leads to a lost range of motion. Redness is prominent over the affected joint and it feels warm compared to other healthy joints. Signs and symptoms of arthritis hinge on its type and severity. Sometimes symptoms come and go whereas under chronic conditions patients may have to face unceasing pain, joint alignment disorders, and deformity. If advances, muscles lose flexibility and become weak.

What gives way to arthritis?

Certain factors can be stood responsible for arthritis, like:

  • A person may catch this ailment if it persists among ancestors. Most of the patients come upon with a family history of arthritis so it descends as a trait to them.
  • Some sort of arthritis such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis develops with growing age.
  • An injury can weaken the joint making it more susceptible to be attacked by arthritis. So discussing medical history with the doctor is compulsory to reach the cause.
  • Obesity is the chief reason, as overweight bodies put stress over joints. In obese people, weight-bearing joints like knees, spine, and hips are disposed to joint inflammation.

Types of arthritis and its cure

Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis gradually fuses spine bones (vertebra) making it stiff and less flexible. A patient bears hunched posture and if it reaches the ribs, difficulty in expanding the chest may experience. Research showed men are affected more by this inflammatory disease than women. It begins to show off signs in adulthood. In most cases eyes are seen to be diseased with ankylosing spondylitis. Pain in hips and lower back strokes after a phase of inactivity or waking up in the morning. Joints become stiff and neck pain encroach. Symptoms come and go at regular intervals. The reason for this sort of arthritis is still not obvious but in most cases, genetic makeup is found responsible. This disease cannot be uprooted but worse effects can be lessened over medical treatment. Non-steroidal painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are taken orally under a doctor’s prescription. Therapeutic injections may also be injected to relieve pain. Patients are made to practice expert-designed exercises for improving joint flexibility and restoring posture. Surgery is not suggested unless pain is unending and intolerable or hip replacement is required.


Increased level of blood uric acid gives way to gout as urate crystals accumulation prompted in the joints such as ankles, wrists, fingers, elbows, and knees. These needle-like crystals irritate tissues around, triggering joint pain, swelling, and inflammation more specifically in the big toe joint. A sudden episode of pain hits usually between sleep at night, waking up the patient causing a burning sensation in the big toe. The affected joint felt red, swollen, hot, and so tender that even the weight of a bedsheet over it is hurtful. After the pain recedes joint discomfort resides for a few weeks or days. Untreated gout progresses further bringing about joint immobility.

The best orthopedic surgeon handles gout through certain medications by curing its causes and symptoms. Symptoms such as pain, swelling, inflammation, and flares are managed through steroidal and non-steroidal medicines. Whereas, medicines are prescribed to tackle the cause by blocking the production of uric acid and improving its removal process.

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Also known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis it supervenes mostly in children below the age of 16 causing growth issues, eye inflammation, and joint impairment. Pain, stiffness, and swelling are major symptoms that in some cases persist for a few months while in others may last for years. Also observed are swollen lymph nodes, body rash, and high fever in a few children. Depending on the severity of the disease, nature of symptoms, and pattern of intervals with which it appears or disappears, Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is categorized into subtypes. Prominent types are oligoarticular, systemic, and polyarticular arthritis. It occurs when the patient’s immune system invades body cells and tissues exact cause is still unknown why this process happens but in most cases genetic and environmental makeup are accountable.

Diagnosing juvenile idiopathic arthritis is not easy as its symptoms are quite alike other joint concerns. An orthopedic surgeon in Pakistan thus conducts certain blood and imaging tests to rule out other reasons. The treatment aims to relieve pain and swelling through medicines, regain lost strength and motion by improving functionality with physical therapy, and prevent further deterioration. As children recover fast so surgery is not required until severe issues bump in.


Osteoarthritis is a common public health concern affecting 240 million people worldwide according to research. The most affected percentage is of women than men of age 60 or above. The disease brings about the disintegration of cartilage securing bone ends. Although any joint can get osteoarthritis, common targets are hand, knee, hips, and spine joints. Symptoms head out steadily from mild to severe arising pain, swelling, joint stiffness, tenderness, and grating sensation. Joint loses flexibility bit by bit leading to a lost range of motion if left untreated. Bone spurs may protrude about the diseased joints like hard lumps irritating tissues around.

Growing age, joint injury, obesity, stress over joint, genetic makeup, metabolic diseases, and bone deformities are alarming concerns giving way to osteoarthritis. It’s impossible to retrieve the disease completely instead symptoms could be managed or held back through medication like painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Besides, physical therapy as guided by experts would help to regain lost motion and increase joint flexibility. Certain therapeutic injections offer pain relief and lubrication to the diseased joint so their inoculation becomes compulsory. Chronic osteoarthritis calls for bone realigning through osteotomy or joint replacement for chronic damage by the best orthopedic surgeon.

Psoriatic arthritis

Patients with psoriasis are more liable to psoriatic arthritis. Psoriasis is a skin disease where red patches form capped with silver scales. In most cases, skin disease appears first while others develop the joint disease initially. Symptoms for both diseases come and go at intervals develop from mild to severe gradually. Psoriatic arthritis symptoms bear resemblance to rheumatoid arthritis, like pain, swelling, and warmth over the affected part. However, psoriatic arthritis some other symptoms that help distinguish between two forms such as:

  • Tightening of fingers and toes’ skin due to swelling.
  • Pain at the junction where tendons or ligaments attach to bone specifically at the heel back or in the foot sole.
  • A condition known as spondylitis develops causing vertebral joint inflammation.
  • Dents appear over nails and they may crumble or detach from the skin beneath.
  • Blurry vision, eye pain, and redness develop causing vision loss if left untreated.

The environmental and genetic setup was found to be a reason in most cases driving the immune system to attack body cells and trigger overproduction of skin cells. Psoriatic arthritis treatment involves managing pain, swelling, and lost joint motion. Medicines and physical therapies help to improve symptoms non-surgically while surgical repairs demand direct steroids inoculation for fast relief and joint replacement surgery for tenacious damages.

Reactive arthritis

Infection in another body part like genitals, intestine, or urinary tract can inflame and swell joints activating pain, this condition is referred to as reactive arthritis. Certain bacteria are responsible that being transferred sexually or through food. Not all people with this bacteria develop reactive arthritis. Symptoms show off 1 to 4 weeks after the development of infection which triggers pain in the feet, knees, lower back, and ankles making joints stiff. Urinary problems, eyes, tendons, and ligaments inflammation occur, fingers and toes become swollen, and skin rash or mouth sores appear.

Treatment to relieve symptoms and cure infection is the major goal for an orthopedist which is managed through steroidal and non-steroidal medicines to lessen pain and inflammation. Further expert-guided physical therapy help regain lost motion and strength.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This autoimmune disorder is abrasive among all other types of arthritis. A patient’s immune system attacks and wear down joint lining also may damage other body systems like that of lungs, eyes, blood vessels, and heart. Gradually disease causes bone erosion thus deforming joints. The affected joint feels swollen, tender, warm, and stiff. The decline in desire to eat and fever are other signs. Symptoms are not consistent rather come and go at the interval. Aggravates sometimes and improves at others affecting the joints on either side of the body. Oral medicines can recede symptoms and it is best to practice expert-designed exercises for strength. Surgery is recommended under crucial situations as required comprising options like joint fusion, synovectomy, tendon repair, or joint replacement.

Septic arthritis

Germs penetration to the joint cause septic arthritis. An infection could be source by the bloodstream which carries germs from one part of the body to other, an injury, previous surgery that has exposed joint to the environment, or an artificial joint implant. Surgical hardware sometimes also becomes a reason for septic arthritis so their removal becomes compulsory as soon infection develops. Joint discomfort, redness, swelling, pain, warmth, and fever are immediate symptoms that call for a quick cure. Oral and intravenous antibiotics under prescription are administered to cure infection whereas pus is drained from the joint, artificial components if present are removed surgically and the joint is cleaned thoroughly.

Thumb arthritis

It’s the degeneration of the joint cartilage at the base of the thumb which restricts the patient from certain activities like gripping things, pinching, and opening a jar cap. Pain is the foremost sign with swelling, tenderness, and joint stiffness ahead. The thumb joint loses its strength and range of motion making it tough to do force needing tasks. The base of a thumb becomes enlarged as the bone grows out after cartilage damage. Painkillers for topical application and oral intake are prescribed for relief. The splint is used to limit thumb motion so the pain could be managed and joints remain aligned while working. Handling intolerable pain through corticosteroids injection is another commendable way to impart quick relief. Looking upon the seriousness of a case surgical repairs are integral which ensues through joint fusion, osteotomy, trapeziectomy, or joint replacement as an ultimate resort.

How to prevent it?

Arthritis could not be uprooted instead its signs can be tackled if the patient remains steadfast to the doctor’s instructions. A bit change in lifestyle will be accommodating like:

  • Lose weight if you are obese
  • Exercise to keep intact muscles strength
  • Use hot or cold compresses to relieve pain
  • Making use of devices and gadgets as they support joints, makes it easy to perform daily tasks and prevent further depreciation.
  • Keep up with routine checkups.


Arthritis could be crucial if ignored. It’s tough to recognize it in the initial stages but as soon you experience joint pain be active in consulting a medical specialist for diagnosis and hold its progression otherwise future results could be alarming. You can turn to the best orthopedic surgeon in Lahore as he or she is available for wise advice and the most appreciable solution to the problem.

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