AO SEC Symposium held in Pakistan

July 26, 2022by wahaj0
Read more about this symposium held in Multan in August 2008.

The second AO Socio Economic Committee (SEC) symposium was held at Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Pakistan, from August 16 to August 17, 2008. Click here to read a report about the first SEC symposium held in 2007.

There were twenty one participants and three table assistants (ORP). The course was organized in a purpose-built facility inside the historic and beautiful college campus.


The lectures were held in an auditorium with audiovisual facilities. The basic principles exercises were demonstrated on saw bones and the plastering techniques practicals were held in the large atrium on five workstations.


The facility was spacious and well-lit and other facilities for sitting, and catering were of a high standard. The venue was adequate to hold such an activity.

The course started at 9am with Prof Salick highlighting the need and requirement for such activities.  Prof R K Shah, who was there representing the SEC, highlighted the objectives of the SEC.


After this, Dr Wajid briefly highlighted the activities of the AO Foundation and presented a review of AO activities in Pakistan.

There was very high level of interest from both the participants and faculty. Most of the lectures were well prepared and there was lot of interest in the demonstration and practical exercises of plastering techniques.


This enthusiasm was maintained over both days due to active interaction of faculty.

The course was very well managed and the whole event was conducted according to the program and on time.


Overall there were no major problems. The participants’ feedback was very positive. We acknowledge the support of AO SEC and Mr Mansoor Jokhio for the logistical support provided.


We believe that if these activities are regularly conducted here this venue could evolve to hold other AO academic activities.


Kamran Salick, Course Chairman


M A Wajid, Course Chairman, AO FoundationTrustee

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