Report from Dr Jehanzeb Mughal, August 10th 2010.

July 26, 2022by wahaj0

“I have just returned after 5 days of being in the flooded region of rural Sindh. I was engaged in trying to help my fellow citizens evacuate what would be the worst affected areas. Shifting families and their possessions with bare hands and loading them onto cattle carts, and anything able to bear the load (including our shoulders). The next critical issues to address are diarrhea, skin diseases, malaria, typhoid, poisonous bites, lack of clean drinking water, food, shelter etc. Millions of victims across three quarters of the country!

The United Nations has described this calamity as bigger than 2004 Tsunami, and for those of us who have the experience,we can confirm this is bigger in magnitude and scale than the earthquake of 2005.

Sadly I find myself questioning that is there any point of rescuing all these people, when they will soon be faced with a much bigger threat and humanitarian disaster…

…We are out there in groups, working with our bare hands, no protective gear whatsoever and literally in deep unsafe waters! Unsure of even our own survival.

We are desperate and need your help. We can buy a tent for one family for $50. We can feed 10 people for 2 weeks for $50. We can buy them a month’s supply of clean drinking water for $50, and the list goes on and on.”

All photos are courtesy of Dr Mughal’s Health Centre, Karachi, Pakistan.

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