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How to Prevent 4 Types of Injuries Shoulder, Knee, Hip & Sports?

The human body is like a machine in which all the body parts work in perfect sync and harmony. If even one part is under stress the whole system of the body might be affected as any working machine would be affected too. It is crucial to maintain a healthy body to have a good functioning body and like any machine, the human body also needs maintenance and safety precautions. If the health of the body is overlooked many dangerous and painful side effects might occur.

This article will focus on a few of these “side effects” and the precaution you might need to adjust in your daily lifestyle to prevent them from ever occurring and have the best health you can be, however, these precautions might not be 100 percent the solution as age is a factor that cannot be changed and the body will get weaker as you age.

Here are a few types of injuries and their preventions:

Shoulder injury

Shoulders are one of the most moving parts of the body, as we lift or move anything our shoulders are used even brushing your hair with a comb involves the use of the shoulder. A healthy shoulder means you can perform your daily tasks with ease but due to their excessive use shoulders are always prone to injury.

Shoulder Injuries

Extending your shoulder to its extent may cause harm to it and a lot of our daily activities might extend your shoulders to its limitations such as reaching for the cookies on the top shelf for a quick sweet snack, but other factors and activities might have a greater chance to injure your shoulder such as:

Frozen shoulder in which the tissues connecting your shoulder stiff up and get really hard and you are not able to move your shoulder effectively making it seem “frozen”.Like an injury, age plays a great role. As you get old, your muscles and other body parts are used over and over again making them weaker and eventually they give up and shoulders are no exception.

An accident involving your arms can cause you to dislocate your shoulder as your arm comes out of your shoulder socket causing extreme and agonizing pain. The fluid or lubricant sack might get swollen in your shoulder and cause problems in movement.

The prevention

Now that we know that how our shoulders can be damaged in different ways, we can now talk about how to prevent them from happening as most shoulder injuries can be treated through exercise and diet control but for some serious cases, surgery might be needed. Exercising your shoulder without lifting a ton as it keeps them in shape without the risk of exercising injury.

Surgeon of sports injuries and all kinds of doctors recommend always stretching before playing any sports to avoid any kind of sports-related injury that might occur to the shoulder or any part of the body. If you feel any kind of pain while moving your shoulder you should see a doctor immediately and not overlook at as it might worsen the pain and condition of your shoulder.

Knee injury

Knee injury is one of the most common injuries that occur through all ages. A sudden or rash movement may result in the tearing of the ligaments and cartilages connecting the knee. A knee injury can occur because of old age too as it is used continuously every day. Recover Knee injuries fast from best Knee Injury doctor in Lahore Prof. Dr M Wajid.

Knee Injury doctor in Lahore

One of the most common knee injuries is an ACL tear or Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear this is one of the four ligaments that attach your knee to the thighbone this injury is most common in athletes like football players and basketball players because of the nature of the sport. Recover Acl injuries fast from best ACL Injury doctor in Lahore Prof. Dr M Wajid. There is rubber-like cartilage known as the meniscus which acts as shock absorbents to the knee this meniscus can tear by twisting the knee or lifting heavyweight.

The prevention

To prevent knee injuries Knee Injury doctor in Lahore and doctors all over the world recommend avoiding complications with your knee. Any type of pain you must not be overweight because being overweight puts more stress on the knees and other joints in the body. Daily exercise and a healthy diet should be a part of your life. While lifting the weight you should not have bad posture as it might affect your knees.

While doing deadlifts or squats you should know your limit and should use weights accordingly. Having a partner while exercising at the gym might reduce the chances of any accidents occurring. If any injury occurs you should consult a doctor to decide if surgery is required.

Hip injury

The hip has joints where the hip and thigh connects it’s a ball and socket joint; it is called ball and socket because of its function to fit in together like a ball in a socket. This makes the joint very stable and has a wide range of motion this kind of works like a gaming joystick in controller. It can take a lot of weight if it is healthy but it doesn’t mean it’s unbreakable and it does give up in sports and any other sort of overuse to it. Age and lifestyle also play a big part in the health of the hip and it is very common for aged people to get hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Pakistan

Strains, fractures, dislocations are very common. Diseases also lead to hip injuries and hip pain. Osteoporosis is one of these diseases which causes pain and limits the motion of the hip. This makes the bones weak and makes vulnerable to fractures.

The prevention

Preventing all hip problems is impossible but a lot of measures can be taken to prevent some of the issues that might occur. First of being overweight can affect the hip and other joints so you have to lose weight and exercise daily to keep your joints healthy. Joint injuries are a part of sports. Taking measures to prevent and treat injuries as soon as they happen can prevent problems both now and down the road.

The following tips may help:

  • Stretch and warm-up before exercise. Afterwards, cool down.
  • Don’t overdo it, please. If you have pain in your exercise, stop and cool down.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly.
  • Avoid running on hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete where possible.

Hip Replacement Surgeon in Pakistan can perform surgery if it is needed and hip issues cannot be resolved by exercise or diet control.

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